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Frequently Asked Questions


BPSB reserves the right, to amend this frequently asked question (“FAQ”), the transactions eligible for earning points, the number of Rewards Points required to redeem Rewards, as well as the procedures in making the redemption. Amendments to these FAQs shall be posted on BPSB’s website and CIDB Construx mobile e-Wallet App for reference.

This Loyalty Points feature in CIDB Construx mobile e-Wallet App is introduced to allow users to earn points and redeem points for Cashback.

The four(4) main components of this feature are as follows: –

  1. Earn Points – Earn points by performing selected Card & Wallet transactions.
  2. Redeem Points – Redeem Cashback that will be credited into your CIDB Construx mobile e-Wallet App
  3. Mobile e-Wallet App
  4. Points History – Check your points earnings and redemption history.

The Cashback and Rewards Program is a points based program for users to earn points which translates into a cashback reward. Currently, you will be able to earn points by performing the following payment transactions:

 No.  Transaction Types  Points Awarded
 i.  Spend using your CIDB Construx Prepaid  Mastercard.  RM 1 spent = 1 point
 ii.  Performing Remittance via CIDB Construx  mobile e- Wallet App.  RM 1 spent = 1 point
 iii.  Paying your bills and utilities via CIDB  Construx mobile e-Wallet App.  RM 1 spent = 1 point

The following transactions are not eligible to earn points: –

  1. Cash Withdrawal;
  2. Wallet Reload; and
  3. Peer-to-peer (P2P) / Send Money

You shall be notified of other loyalty points campaigns from time to time.

Once you have collected a minimum of 2000 points, you may redeem it for cashback. The conversion rate for redemption is 2000 points = RM1.00 cashback (rounding to the nearest cents). The following will be the formula of points conversion.

Point redeemed / 2000 points = Cashback amount.

Example 1:

If you redeemed 2010 points, you would get RM1.00 cashback.

Calculation: 2010 / 2000 = RM1.005. Thus, your cashback value received is RM1.00 (rounding to the nearest cents)

Example 2:

If you redeemed 2014 points, you would get RM1.01 cashback.

Calculation: 2014 / 2000 = RM1.007. Thus, your cashback value received is RM1.01 (rounding to the nearest cents)

You can redeem it by logging in to CIDB Construx Mobile e-Wallet App and click on the Payment Menu and select ‘Loyalty Points’ or ‘Points Redemption’ page, and then ‘Enter the points that you wish to redeem’. Once you have successfully redeemed, the cashback will be credited immediately into your CIDB Construx mobile e-Wallet App.

No. The feature is currently Free of Charge.

The registered Customers with Active account status is eligible for the Loyalty Rewards Program.

The points will be awarded to you at the time of the successful transaction via CIDB Construx mobile e-Wallet App, while points for spending using the card will be awarded once the settlement has been presented by the merchant which normally takes around one (1) week or more.

You can view your points balance, transactions history and expiry by logging in to CIDB Construx mobile e-Wallet App by clicking on Payment menu and selecting Loyalty Points.

Your points have a maximum validity period of one (1) year and six (6) months. The frequency of expiry is two (2) times a year, on every 30th June and 31st Dec.

For example:

I. Points earned from 1st Jan 2022 to 30th June 2022 will expire on 30th June 2023.

II. Points earned from 1st July 2022 to 31st Dec 2022 will expire on 31st Dec 2023.

No. Loyalty points are non-transferable.

The redeemed loyalty points cannot be cancelled and are non-refundable.

The loyalty points earned shall be forfeited and are not redeemable if your account(s) has been blocked, closed, cancelled, or terminated.

For negative points balance (points shown in bracket), your future points earned will be deducted from the negative balance and you can only redeem it again after you have collected sufficient points for redemption.

The negative point balance will happen when you redeem points, and a refund happens after your redemption. The system will auto-reverse the collection points for the refund transaction.