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Construx Overview

Construx is essentially a brand with product & solution line-up that came about from a collaboration programme between Construction Industry Development Board (“CIDB”) Malaysia and Bayo Pay (M) Sdn Bhd (a licensed entity under BNM to issue Designated Payment Instrument under S.11 of the FSA 2013 and a principal member of Mastercard Asia/Pacific Pte.Ltd. and referred to as “Bayo”).

This initiative is part of the government effort to not only enhance the service delivery to stakeholders but to also digitalize and transform the construction industry in Malaysia.

Construx consists of a number of products designed to cater to different stakeholders under this programme; CIDB Construction Personnel Registration Card, Construx wallet and Portal as well as Construx Payroll. CIDB Construction Personnel Registration Card, Construx wallet and Portal are intended for the use of all the construction personnel accredited by CIDB Malaysia whilst Construx Payroll is intended for the use of the employers of the construction personnel i.e. construction companies that are registered with CIDB Malaysia.

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It’s A Dual Function Smart Card!

The all-new Construction Personnel Registration Card (“Card”) is a dual-function smart card;it is an ID and a payment card designed specifically for all construction personnel in Malaysia. Equipped with more security features i.e. 2-Factor Authentication Security Standard; EMV-certified chip and QR code, the Smart Card is highly secure, tamper-proof and nearly impossible to counterfeit.

As ID Card

  • An All-New CIDB Construction Personnel Registration Card Design
  • 2-Factor Authentication Security Standard
  • Contain features like EMV-certified chip & personalized QR code
  • Highly secure, tamper-proof and nearly impossible to counterfeit

As Payment Card

  • Mastercard Co-branded Payment Card / Salary Card
  • Worldwide Payment Acceptance
  • Chip & Pin and Contactless Payment Methods
  • Points & Rewards Benefits
  • Cash Withdrawal At ATMs That Accepts Mastercard

Be It For ID Purposes or Payment Purposes, Physical or Virtual ID and Payment Instrument, We’ve Got Your Back!

CIDB Construction Personnel Registration Card (“Card”) is attached with Construx wallet – which means, you get to enjoy virtual ID (e-ID) as well as virtual wallet! Here’s why you should sit back, relax and enjoy using the card!

What Is Construx Wallet?

The Construx Wallet is a mobile app designed for all construction site personnel that is registered with CIDB in Malaysia, and is linked to your physical CIDB Card.

View The Whole Package!

The all-new CIDB Card comes with a mobile app and web portal platform for you to access and manage your account anytime, anywhere!

Payments In A Flash

It’s the fastest and most flexible way to pay, top-up, send and receive money.

The Right Tools For Faster Payments

A welcoming convenience for users to pay their bills, reload, shop and dine via a trusted and secured payment platform.

“An Add-on Function of Construx Wallet!”

CIDB Dashboard

What To Do To Get On-boarded?

Construx Payroll

A payroll management platform developed by Bayo to cater to the needs of companies/employers in construction industry registered with CIDB when it comes to salary crediting to employees especially the unbanked ones. Via this platform, salary is credited to employees’ CIDB Construction Personnel Registration Card.

Free for all companies registered with CIDB! Interested companies click on ‘Register Now!’

Register Now!

The Features

Employer On-boarding

  • This process allows companies to register with Construx Payroll and submit necessary documents for verification purposes.
  • Upon the success of registration, employers will be notified by email with approval to access the Construx Payroll for managing salary payments to all employees.

Roles Creation

  • This function allows employers/companies to create ‘Maker’ and ‘Checker’ roles for segregation of duties and risk and control management.

Salary Crediting

  • Funds transfer is done securely via FPX after the necessary approval from company’s ‘Checker’.
  • Once successful, salary will be credited into employees’ CIDB Card.
  • Employees will be able to access their salary via Construx Wallet and Construx Portal and make online transactions instantly. Employees are also able to do cash withdrawal at any ATM machines that accepts Mastercard payment card globally.

*All features are subjected to the terms and conditions.

Construx Payroll to Facilitate
Companies in Construction Industry

  • Simple on-boarding process for employers
  • Cost-effective solution
  • Eliminate the need for employers to open up bank accounts for foreign workers
  • Free to use
  • Eliminate cost and issues associated with cash-handling especially related to the unbanked for the employers
  • Better payroll management within the construction companies
  • Instant and convenient access to salary 24/7 for the employees

Coming Soon!

All About Lifestyle –
Done Digitally

With the all-new CIDB Construction Personnel Registration Card, your lifestyle just went digital where you can relax and enjoy more what life has to offer. Stay tune, there’ll be more features coming your way!

Building More Features

We are working tirelessly on offering exciting new features for users to fully enjoy unlimited digital payment experience.

*All features are subjected to the terms and conditions.

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